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Konzert im Buchholz-Saloon
Matt Horan & the C.A.F. Band

Ein Konzert mit Matt Horan & the C.A.F. Band findet am 04. Juni 2023 um 16:00 Uhr im Buchholz-Saloon statt.

Info des Veranstalters:

Matt Horan & the C.A.F. Band

Matt Horan (Davie, Florida), is the epitome of the drifter musician. He literally has been touring the world since 2005, as a true ambassador of American culture and traditional music preaching the word of Hank Williams and other American country and folk heroes. Roaming through north, central & south America and all over Europe, Horan has given countless concerts from the street corners of Mexico City to concert halls in the performing arts center in Bilbao, Spain & in Buenos Aires, Argentina, to prestigious music festivals like Sziget Budapest . Horan isn’t just a simple song writer but he is also an actor, making his debut as the protagonist in “The Night Watchman” (2016), which he also composed the original movie soundtrack. He’s been touring the US and Europe annually since 2012 and continues to do so as a solo folk artist as well as with a full band.

Musician, actor, & writer, Horan strives to be a true story teller by living what he writes and continues to create and release not just music but literary works and visual projects that are truly passionate and sincere. This is “Balls to the Wall Country Music”.

Datum & Uhrzeit
event 04.06.2023
access_time 16:00

Kontakt: Buchholz-Saloon, Tel.: 033438 729988

Beim Konzert sind keine Ton-, Film- oder Fotoaufnahmen erlaubt.
Wann: 04.06.2023  - 16:00 Uhr
Wo: Buchholz, Buchholz-Saloon, Wesendahler Straße 12, 15345 Altlandsberg
Veranstalter bzw. Veranstaltungsort:
15345 Altlandsberg, OT Buchholz, Wesendahler Straße 12
Tel.: 033438 729988